Valentines Day gift Ideas for him (under £20)

This is the second instalment of the valentines day gift guide, the first part was gifts that you could get the special lady in your life, you can read it here if you missed it. This time it’s the mens turn! I think men can be harder to buy for on valentines day as they just tend not to appreciate the fluffy, cute heart covered stuff! Even harder if you don’t want to spend a lot but you still want to get them something nice, so I’ve made sure everything in my guide is under £20.

valentines day gifts1. Grey i’m diggin’ you! Print socks £3.00
2. ASOS Watch with Printed Face and Canvas Strap £20
3. Beer pong £5
4. You complete me greeting card £2.50
5. I Love You Cups £3.49
6. Pixel heart mug £10
7. Red rose print underwear £7
8. Ron burgundy iphone 4 case £6
9. X-Mi X Mini II 2nd Generation Capsule iPhone / iPad / iPod / MP3 / Laptop Speaker £15 

I’ve picked a mixture of items, some more valentine day-ish others are just random things I think men might like! My favourite has to be the rose covered boxers :P so sexy lol! I’ve been really impressed with river island whilst searching for presents, they’ve got a great selection of cards and gifts. That’s where I found the funny doughnut card and the I dig you socks! I would buy the socks for my boyfriend but I don’t think he’d wear them :(.

If your fella is a bit of a computer geek the pixel heart mug would be prefect! Well...providing he drink tea or coffee! It even changes colour from black to red when it has hot liquid in it, so you’ll know when your tea is going cold! 

I wanted to put in a fashion item too as I have included bags in the girls gift guide, I was looking on ASOS for myself *ahem* and I found this watch! Which I personally love, I love the geometric colourful clock face and I've not seen many watches with denim straps.

As it's like a valentines day tradition, I HAD to include some chocolates! Thorntons do little mini chocolate truffle cups that you can have writing iced on the top. I bough the BF one as Xmas and they were delicious and one satisfied that chocolate urge if you're trying not to be naughty! This little set is just over £3 and is pre written for you so you don't have to wait around in store whilst someone ices it.

Some random ones now, both from Topman, are beer pong and an anchor man phone case. Beer pong is a great game to play at parties, a common past time for students :P. I think most boys would like this. The anchor man phone case speaks for itself lol.

Saving the best till last! For all you music lovers! This little ball shaped thing that opens up in an accordion kind of style device is an X mini. It’s a speaker that has a headphone jack so you can basically plug it into anything. They look small but the sound that comes out is so impressive! I’ve got two of these, oh that's another thing - you can connect them together to make the music even louder! Great for taking out on picnic or to the beach. You wont be able to get over how good the sound quality is for something so small!

I hope you liked this. Let me know what you are planning on getting your boyfriends/husbands for Valentines day?


  1. Love the watch!
    My BF also has the mini speaker! It's great
    Elephant stories and more

    1. The speakers are amazing! They come in other cute colours too!

  2. Love the beer pong! Lost some very good nights to this game haha xx

    I've nominated for you for a Liebster Award! Take a look at my latest post for details!

    1. Aww thank you for the liebster nomination :) you're very kind!

      Beer pong is a very dangerous fun game lol!