Valentines Day gift ideas under £20 for her

With January coming to an end, February is only just round the corner and with February comes Valentines day! I’m not a big celebrator of Valentines day as I don’t really count it as a proper holiday, but it’s nice to have a day purely about celebrating love :).

I don’t tend to spend a lot on presents for Valentines day (a lot of the time I like to make something, which tbh means a lot more to the bf than a bear holding a heart from a card shop :p), so I’ve put together a list of some gift ideas, all of which are under £20!

So if you’re stuck on what to get your girlfriend, wife or your crush, hopefully this will help! (or send it to them to give them a not so subtle hint :p)

1. Lovebirds from Hotel Chocolate £11.00
2Red Love Hanging Photoframe from Newlook £5.99
3. We Have Chemistry Greeting Card from River Island £2.50
4. Close to you Massage bar from Lush £5.50
5Lipstick and blush set from Topshop £12.00
6. Pink heart stud earrings from River Island £6
7. Pink and Orange Colour Block Envelope Clutch from New look £15.99
8. BareMinerals Shine On Palette from Feel Unique £19.99
9. Strawberry Heart Lick from Hotel Chocolate £2.50

Most of the items I found are actually under £10 with a few more expensive ones thrown in for good measure! I think my favourite is the love photo frame from Newlook! At £5.99 you can’t go wrong! It’ll look cute on anyone’s wall especially with a lovely picture of you and your valentine in it :).
I had to include some chocolate options, because what girl doesn’t love receiving chocolate! Hotel Chocolate have some really cute valentines day chocolate this year! The heart chocolate lolly stick at the bottom left looks beautiful and is strawberry flavoured white chocolate, sounds delicious! They also do a cute box of love-birds and heart chocolate, which are caramel milk chocolate (birds) and strawberry white chocolate (hearts).

I had to include some beauty items into this guide! As it’s valentines day there might be lots of kissing going on so I had to find a lip product, I found that Topshop do a lip and blush set that comes in colourful zip up bag for £12. I’ve heard good things about Topshops makeup so this would be something I’d love to receive, plus I had to pick the red for love! The second make up item is the gold make up set from bare minerals, this one is exclusive to feel unique and is worth over £39 but at £19.99 it’s a steal! It contains their eyelid primer, waterproof eye liner, two eye shadows in a lovely velvety plum and pale peach goldy-pink, a peachy blush and a Marvellous Moxie lipgloss in A-lister.
Lush seem to do limited edition products for every holiday, not that I am complaining (snow fairy is my favourite thing of all time, ever!). Anyways they’ve got quite a few valentines themed items at the moment, but my favourite is the ‘close to you’ massage bar. It’s vanilla scented and was inspired by the Jammie dodger biscuit!

River Island have quite a few cute things out in time for Valentines day, I found this lovely pair of pale pink heart earrings. They also have a darker red pair but these ones are nicer in my opinion. One thing I didn’t know River Island did were cards! They’ve got ones that are right up my street like this “we have chemistry” one, made me giggle :) love stuff like that.

The final thing on my list is this gorgeous clutch bag from New look. It comes in other colours including a nude one but the pink/peach/red/orange one is the best I reckon and more valentines day appropriate. It will be perfect for nights out especially if you’re wearing your LBD.

I hope this list helped to give you some ideas, let me know what you’d love to receive from your partner for Valentines day :)


  1. Some lovely ideas here! I really like the card (I didn't know River Island did them either!) My BF is a bit of a science geek so he'd love it!

    I'm a new follower, love your blog and look forward to reading more!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. Aww thank you, you're blog is lovely too - I follow you on bloglovin :). I still need to actually buy the bf something for valentines day! I've done a gift guide for guys to on here if you want to have a look :)