January Birchbox First Impressions

Following a rather disappointing Glossybox this month (you can see what I got here) I decided to resubscribe to Birchbox! Their product selection and samples have looked really impressive over the last few months, especially in comparison to Glossybox's downhill decent recently. Lets see what I got this month!

I received my box quite late as it was a spur of the moment decision, hence why it's going up in February, whoops! Nevertheless I thought you guys might like to see what I got in mine.

January Birchbox
January Birchbox

This months boxes theme was Tiny Tweaks, the products contained within the box are to help you make small changes that will make a big difference by the end of the year.

The products came loose in their box, wrapped in pink tissue paper. Looks like Birchbox have got rid of their pink drawstring bags this month.

January Birchbox

Onto the products: 

January Birchbox
Rodial Bee Venom Moisturiser £150
First off, £150 for moisturiser is crazy!! I somehow don't think I will be purchasing the full size version of this product even if I liked the cream, just because of the cost! And secondly I'm curious as to how they actually get the bee venom out! Surely you can't milk a bee?? Or can you lol!? Must have take quite a few bees to fill this little tube...(weird mental images of a cow milking scenario but with bees ha). The cream apparently uses bee venom and plant stem cells to improve skin tone and elasticity. The tube feels very light so not sure how many times I'll be able to try this, my skin is pretty elastic already considering I'm in my twenties.

January Birchbox
Benefit The Porefessional £24.50
I've actually already tried this product before, but I was getting some spots at the time so I stopped using it. Trying it again i'll be able to see if it was this that broke me out, hopefully not as I love the effect afterwards. The primer itself is skin coloured and it helps minimise the look of pores and leaves your skin feeling velvety soft.  It's a good size sample, great handbag size if you already own the product. 

January Birchbox
Lavera Basis Sensitive Hand Cream £4.45
This hand cream is from Germany, it's made from organic ingredients and suitable for vegans. It contains shea butter and almond oil, so these are the key ingredients to keep your hands moisturise. It's a nice little moisturiser and I love the fact its natural but I think this will be one to give to my mum. I'm just too in love with my Soap and glory hand food to swap. 

January Birchbox
Moa The green balm £9.99
This green paste substance is 100% natural balm that can be used on pretty much anything! It can treat burns, nourish dry skin, treat cold sores, help reduce stretch marks, you can even use it to take off your make up! It's got quite a unique smell and it's one of those scents that reminds me of something I just can't put my finger on, but its not a bad one. The product does feel really soothing when I rubbed it in my hand but unfortunately I have not scrapes or burns to really test it out on at the moment. Looking forward to testing this out properly!

January Birchbox
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer £27.50
This product was the one that excited me the most. In my hair care routine I've never actually tried a hair mask! So I'm thinking my mane might thank me for trying out this one. It claims to strengthen, nourish and prevent breakages. All good things! It's a pre shampoo treatment so you basically wet your hair, massage this in, let it sit for 20 mins (you could put it in a shower cap so you're not stuck in the bathroom waiting for ages), then rinse and follow with shampoo and conditioner.

January Birchbox

Birchbox eye mask £10
The final item is a Birchbox branded eye mask - the kind you shove in the fridge till it's nice and cold and then pop it on your eyes. These are meant to be good for puffy tired eyes, I don't actually own one so its a nice addition to make face care collection. I believe I've seen this in Birchbox posts a few months ago, so I imagine some people wouldn't have liked receiving the same item twice.

Overall I've been really impressed with this months, most of the items are new products and brands I have never used before. So I'm looking forward to trying them out over the next few weeks.

I'm looking forward to see what February's beauty boxes have in store! Hopefully some lovely products with maybe a Valentines day theme? Fingers crossed!

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