March Glossybox

It seemed that last month Glossybox (click here for february's contents) tried really hard to improve on the string of bad boxes it was putting out, this month's offerings were average I'd say. I received six items in mine, two of which were small perfume sample vials and another which is a well known brand. My box has three full size products though and one decent size sample.

March Glossybox

The products

Dove intensive repair 60 second treatment shot £1.46 for 15ml
I like dove products, they're always very moisturising and kind to skin and hair. I think I'll save this one for summer when my hair can use a pick me up. This treatment only takes 60 seconds to work apparently!

March Glossybox

Sleek make up pout polish £4.49
Another full size product! I received the shade Raspberry Rhapsody which looks like a cool tone light purply pink (not as vibrant as in the pic!), it goes on really sheer though and adds a glossy to your lips.

March Glossybox

Juicy Couture Malibu Collection £47 for a full size perfume
Normally I don't like receiving perfume samples BUT I loved the purple one!! I tried the orange one first which is nice but not very me but the purple one is sweet and fresh and fruit and oh so nice!

March Glossybox

Bellapierra Cosmetics Ltd Shimmer powder £12.99
I think I received this from Glossybox before, maybe even in exactly the same shade - not sure though. Anyway I'm not a fan of powdered eyeshadows as they can be very messy and get everywhere!

The card says it's a multi use product that can be mixed into blushers, nail polish or lipgloss. Longlasting vibrant colour without creasing, smearing or fading.

March Glossybox

Mitchell and Peach Body cream £36 for full size product
When I first saw this I was expecting a bit more, the packaging looks sophisticated.When I saw it had honey and cocoa in it I though this was going to smell lovely! But no. It smells horrible! Well to me anyway, it has a lavender scent that has a strong "earthy" smell to it! Some people may like it, but its definetly not my cup of tea. The cream does leave your skin soft but I just can't bare the smell of it.

March Glossybox

Overall it's an okay box but I think Birchbox is better in comparison. I think once I get my next free box (with glossy dots) I'll be saying goodbye to glossy box. Can't justify getting two boxes a month!

Were you happy with this months boxes?

March Birchbox

March BirchboxSorry for the delay in posting this, I've been crazy busy at work and by the time I get home looking at a computer screen again is the last thing I want to do! Plus I thought I had something wrong with my eye so was trying to cut down computer usage - but thats a whole other story!

Anyhoo onto the post! Let's see what this months Birchbox has to offer!

I must admit I'm loving Birchboxes design, this month they have collaborated with Lulu Guiness so the box design is themed around their spring/summer collection. It's striped black and white and very eye catching! I hope they continue to do more collaborations in the future.

March Birchbox
March Birchbox

What was in my box

Benefit's Stay don't stray (Sample size, full size £20.50)
I'm a big fan of benefit and I love trying out new products by them, so a little sample is a great way to find out if you really like it before buying it - as their products can be quite pricey! Stay don't stray is a long lasting eye primer, similar to primers like Urban Decay's primer potion.

Application is easy, its best to dab the product on to your eyelid and under eye (if you're putting eyeshadow underneath your lash line, then gently blend with you ring finger. I find it to be more liquidy than than the urban decay primer but I think I may actually prefer this as it absorbs into the skin very quickly without making your lids feel heavy.

March Birchbox

Dr. Brandt Pores no more pore refiner (Sample size, full size £39)
I'd never hear of Dr/ Brandt before but I love trying out new brands. This product is similar to benefits professional primer or the new Maybelline baby skin primer, although this is the most expensive at £39 for a full size product!

March Birchbox

Aroma Works Nuture OR serenity body oil (Sample size, full size £32.50)
Next up is a body oil from Aroma Works Nuture or serenity body oil. Beauty boxes seem to love a bit of oil! I've had so many over the past year, be it for hair or body or both! This one contains coconut oil. Best to apply when your skins damp from a shower or bath so it can easily be absorbed. Smells very herby! lol

March Birchbox
Cellu-cuo (full size £16)
I'm not going to lie, when I saw this without reading what it was I thought Birchbox had put in one of those eco friendly womens hygiene products! The moon cup kind! (google if you don't follow my drift!) Thank fully it's not THAT but a massage tool designed to fight cellulite! I don't have a big issue with cellulite but I do have some on my thighs if you squish them, so hopefully it will work it's magic there!

It's easy to use, you wet your skin ( I use a good slathering of moisturiser) then squeeze the cup and place onto your problem area so that it creates suction, then slide it back and forth! Easy!

March Birchbox

English Laundry No.7 for her (sample size full size £47)
Perfume samples are probably my least favourite thing to receive in a beauty box, I feel as if it's a cop out as they're so inexpensive. Unless it's in a decent size sample then I don't mind so much, but the small vials disappoint me.

I actually don't mind the smell of this one, it's quite fresh and light.

March BirchboxCandy Rock
This months life style extra is some rock! Not had rock since I was last at the seaside, so is definitely a nice little treat.

March Birchbox
Overall I'm quite happy with March's Birchbox- a good brand selection and varied product types. Although I only received one full size, would like to see some bigger product samples next month.

Yorkshire getaway

So I've been a little AWOL from blogging recently, I just haven't really found the time to sit down and write posts and take pictures. Part of the disappearance is due to a little adventure up North to lovely Yorkshire! 7 friends + adjoining cottages + sun + hot tub + drink + food = a very happy Jenny!

We went to Yorkshire wildlife centre one day and I wanted to share a few pictures! My favourite has to the the wallaby poking out of its mums pouch!

Hope you like!

My favourite drugstore concealer

If you haven't heard about the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer where have you been hiding?! It's presence is so well known in the blogger world and rightly so! 

For under a £5 this concealer is an absolute bargain! It has such amazing coverage that can tackle even the worst of breakouts! Definitely a life saver when I get hormonal breakouts every month, I just wish it had been about when I was a spotty self conscious 13 year old!

Collection lasting perfection concealerCollection lasting perfection concealer

The concealer comes in a hard plastic tube,  with a twist off lid/applicator. Only bad point about the packaging is you will find the writing on the outside will fade off pretty fast, in fact the concealer in the photos has only been used a few times and you can see it's fading on the black circle already! Annoying!

The applicator itself is a doe foot wand which picks up the product easily. I apply it direct to my face from the applicator to avoid wasted product but if you are worried about bacteria you could apply this to the back of your hand first and then apply it to your face. To get the best results I find if you dab your finger to blend the product out it gives you the best coverage and a natural finish. 

Collection lasting perfection concealer

The formulation of the concealer is very creamy and easily blendable, and as I mentioned before it gives great coverage without looking to cakey or heavy on your skin. Although It can be a bit too heavy for the delicate skin on your under eyes though and you may find it will sit in fine lines and wrinkles, I personally just use this for spots and skin discolouration. Collection state it lasts for 16 hours, I can't vouch for this as I never keep my make up more than 12 or 13 hours but it is definitely very long lasting.

Collection lasting perfection concealer
Swatch taken in natural light

The collection lasting perfection concealer comes in four shades: fair, light medium and deep, my shade is 02- light. It looks a bit too dark in this photo, but I do have pasty pale hands at the moment.

Although I've just had a look at collection's website and it looks like the packaging graphics are slightly different and the shades have different names (fair, cool medium, warm medium and dark)- so the colours may be slightly different now. Has anyone tried the new ones? If you have are they still the same shades?

Anyways, this concealer is great! So inexpensive and lasts for ages! In the past some concealers have actually given me more spots but I've never had a problem with this one. I couldn't recommend it enough. Go buy it!...only if I've convinced you that you need it in your life though....(which you do)

You can pick one up in Boots for £4.19