Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Week 1 | Fitness Friday

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

Two weeks ago I made the choice to make a big change in my life, one that would have an impact both mentally and physically - my fitness. I won't go into detail as I explained everything in the previous post (can be found here), but basically I've grown to dislike how I look so much so it's effecting the way I feel. My overall goal is to be happy and changing my lifestyle is the very first step in that journey.
I, like many people use instagram daily (add me here); it's great for motivation and seeing how other peoples fitness journeys have impacted them and their progress. By chance I stumbled across an Australian personal trainer called Kayla Itsines and I'm so glad I did, she has over 900,000 followers and many posts showing peoples amazing body transformations. They've all achieved results by using her "bikini body guide", which is a 12 week guide with set tri-weekly workouts that consists of circuits of exercises. You have 2 circuits to complete; circuit 1 and circuit 2. Each consists of 4 exercises with varying reps and some include weights, you then complete 1 circuit in 7 mins (if you finish early you do it again). Then you do the 2nd circuit for 7 minutes, then you do both again for another 7 mins each. All in all it works out as a 28 minute workout - something all of us can fit into our day. The only down side is it's quite pricey (it works out at roughly £39), but if you need a personal trainer without actually having a personal trainer and you want a workout to do at home, and  most importantly if you stick with it - its worth every penny.
This is a summary of how I found this weeks work out, obviously if you're fitter than me you'll find it easier! The intensity ups every 4 weeks but week 1 is by no means easy! 

In a week you should complete:

2-3 resistance workouts (Kayla's circuits)
2-3 LISS workout (Low Intensity Steady State Cardio e.g walking, jogging, swimming, cycling)
1 Stretch workout

Day 1 Cardio and legs

I don't think I realised how hard this work guide would be until I did this one! I'd felt really groggy all day, with head aches and tiredness due to a bad night sleep the night before. I'd decided to do the workout after work rather than before just in case I was to tired in the morning. Lucky thing I did! I was shattered afterwards and my legs felt like jelly! Even going up the stairs and getting into a cold bath was hard work! I managed to only do one set of the circuits in the 7 minutes (Kayla says if you do two you're doing really well, but there is no chance of that until my fitness level increases!) but completed all 4 circuits in just over 30 minutes. I was one huge red faced sweaty mess whilst doing this! I was dying on the floor after but I felt good! Plus I had the best nights sleep after!

Day 2 Rest day + Stretch

I didn't do once ounce of exercise today, I ached far too much! My legs killed! I ended up shuffling around the office at work, even sitting down was painful!

Day 3 Arms & Abs

My legs were still aching slightly from Mondays workout, so was happy that this one didn't include any major leg workouts! I found some of the exercises on this VERY challenging. I only managed 2 full push ups, the rest I had to do them on my knees as I just didn't have the upper body strength. I struggled with the laying down sit ups the most, I've got a slight back issue in my lower back and physically couldn't pull myself up past a crunch position, so I ended up substituting these for leg raises. The same when for sit ups with a twist, so I substituted these for weighted Russian twists as they use similar sets of ab muscles. Surprisingly I liked the mountain climbers and found them easy to do! Afterwards my shoulders and abs definitely feel worked and surprisingly the little bit of exercise stopped my legs aching.

Day 4 Rest day

Another rest day, my shoulders were aching really badly today. I think I ached a lot in the first week as I was using muscles that hadn't been used in a long time!

Day 5 Rest day

Today I should have done the full body workout, but I just couldn't. My arms and shoulders were still really painful and I'd done the required 2-3 workouts, so I didn't feel to bad to let myself off on the 1st week.

Day 6 LISS

I decided to leave my LISS sessions till the weekends so I could do them with my boyfriend for some added support and motivation. We went for a nice 48min walk in a country park with the dogs, it ended up burning 513 calories! I was so shocked at how much considering it didn't really even feel like exercise - just a nice walk. I also got my first ever all green fitbit report for the day! Was so chuffed!

Day 7 LISS

We did another dog walk on the Sunday, a bit shorter this time and a slower pace as it was hotter and didn't want the dogs to overheat, we walked for 42min and burnt 387 calories. God knows how I got so high on the Saturday!
Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide
So that's it! My first week! I did take photographs before I started this week and also at the end, but there is no big change yet. I'll post progress pictures every four weeks so I can really see a difference. 

I'd love to know what you do to keep in shape, I've got the fitness bug now! Let me know

If you're ready to take the plunge and start the BBG guide, go for it! You won't regret it! Start here or if your a bit unsure, why not try a 7 day free trial?

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  1. So you've burned 240 calories for day 2 of kayla bbg workout?

    1. Hi Naomi, I did burn 240 calories for week one arms and abs - as it doesn't have much cardio I tend to burn fewer calories

  2. Hi Jenny, I have just started Day 1 and my feet are aching and hurting. Even getting up from a chair and sitting down is painful. I know how you felt in the beginning. I hope this pain will go away soon.


  3. Thanks for the posts :) just starting on bbg and it's good to hear how other peeps have found it in the beginning and to know there's light at the end of the tunnel if you keep on :)

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