Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Week 2 | Fitness Friday

Following on from my experiences of the bikini body guide in the first week (link here), here are this weeks findings! I'm so proud that I've kept this up for 2 weeks, only 10 more to go!

 Monday -  Legs and Cardio

Monday always means legs and cardio day, I did not find this easy! I'd say it was harder than last week and I ended up burning 507 calories! Sweated lots, but finished it and felt good afterwards! I still only manage to do one set in the 7 minutes.

Tuesday - LISS

I didn't ache too badly after legs and cardio so I put a LISS workout in on Tuesday rather than having a rest day. We took the dog for a long walk and ended up burning 355 calories.

Wednesday - Arms and Abs

This was the hardest workout all week for me, it took me an hour to complete! I wanted to do the full amount of reps for each circuit and by the end by arms and abs were aching so much. Even doing one small sit up was hard work. 560 calories worth of energy was drained doing this workout!

Thursday - Rest day + Stretches

Thursday had to be a rep day, my abs and arms were killing me - in a good way. You know you've had a good work out when you ache the next day! I took a progress pic of my stomach on Thursday and you could really see a change happening! Really helped to motivate me. I did some gentle stretches to try and help with the aching.

Friday - Rest day + Stretches

Friday was yet another rest day, my abs were still really hurting from Wednesday's workout, so I ended up giving the full body workout a miss.

Saturday - Full body work out + LISS

Although still slightly achy I got up early and completed the full body workout I had missed on Friday. It was hard but I felt stronger, I could do noticeably more push ups before my arms shock! Looks like I am getting stronger. Heart rate monitor said 600 calories for this work out! It did take me an hour though, but I was still impressed.

I topped Saturday off with a LISS walking session in the evening, this bumped up my calorie burn to 1000!! Very productive day!

Sunday - LISS

On Sunday I got up early for a fasted LISS session, I don't know the ins and outs of the benefits of fasted workouts but I don't like them! Ha! This was the first time I'd ever attempted one and the whole time I felt like I had zero energy and couldn't put the effort in I normally would. Defo won't be doing that again. If anyone knows why fasted workouts are good can they let me know?

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Week 3's workouts will be interesting as they're exactly the same as week 1, so I'll be able to tell then if I'm stronger! Hopefully I'll get more reps in and be able to do the exercises better!

If you're doing the Bikini body guide as well, send me you're links. I'd love to follow you on your fitness journey!

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