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Like most girls, at some point or another I've had things about my appearance that I've disliked; be it the way my fringe refuses to hang properly sometimes, or the way my bum looks in skinny jeans, or how my upper arms feel chunky. Although these things may have niggled at me they have never  really bothered me to the extent of actually making me feel low about myself. Something sadly I'm all too familiar with now. Right now I despise my body. Absolutely hate it. I even feel disgusted looking in the mirror sometimes, the person staring back at me isn't the image I have in my head.

I wouldn't say I'm fat, but I'm definitely a lot heavier than I feel I should be. At 5ft 10, my height means I can hold weight quite well and even at my current weight of 12.5 stone or 79kgs I don't look "fat". I for one don't really care about the number on scales, if I look good and feel good then that's all that matters. BMI wise I'm in the healthy range, just! I'm right on the cusp of falling into the overweight category, but in all honesty BMI should be used with a pinch of salt - if you have a lot of muscle your BMI could technically be classed overweight when in fact you're perfectly healthy.

To give you a bit of a back story I've always been tall and slim and for years I was a consistent size 8/10 top with 10/12 bottoms (UK sizes) and weighed around 10-11 stone. I know 10 stone probably sounds a lot but tall girls are heavier, I find personally if I weigh less than 10 stone I start looking too thin and boney.

Everything changed two years ago when I decided to sort out my hormonal contraception. I've been on hormonal contraception before in the form on the implant, so I had no idea how much it would end up changing me. I ended up getting the contraceptive injection as it's a long term contraceptive that protects you for 3 months, without you needing to remember taking the pill.  The injection contains progesterone which can lead to some weight gain, but considering the implant contains the same hormone I wasn't too worried about that. Oh how wrong was I! In only 2 months I gained about 6 pounds! I was gaining weight so fast that my body couldn't keep up, I began to get stretch marks on my hips and legs, even behind me knees! Along with the weight gain came the cellulite, not something I've really suffered from before but I was beginning to notice it on my legs, not even just the thighs though - I had it on my shins! Somewhere that didn't even have any fat on! The weight gain wasn't the only side effect I suffered from; I developed a large collection of tiny little under the skin spots on my forehead, which no matter how I cleansed, toned and moisturised refused to disappear! The biggest side effect was not a physical one, although made worse by my weight gain, my mood became very low and I was emotional a lot of the time.

Once the 3 months was up I knew I couldn't continue on the injection and after discussing with the nurse, we decided that trying the pill would be a good idea. As my symptoms could have been a result from the progesterone hormones, so they started me on Yasmin to introduce some oestrogen into the mix. After trying Yasmin for 6 months all the same symptoms were present, including even more weight gain! Funnily enough a lot of people actually lose weight on Yasmin because its a diuretic (makes you pee lots), but no not me! I stayed on Yasmin for longer because in some people it can take a good few months for the injection's chemicals to get out of your body, so they wern't sure if that was what was making me put on the weight.

After 6 months I switched to a new lower dose pill, I can't remember the name now, but it was the lowest dose one they had. I still kept gaining weight, I had a healthy diet and exercised but nothing would make a difference. After 3 months on this one with no success. The nurse came to the conclusion that I'm hormone sensitive and that it would be a good idea to let my body try and get back to normal without artificial hormones interfering. By this point I had gained around 1.5 stone, gone up 1-2 dress sizes and my BMI had gone over the healthy range, plus most importantly I was miserable!

Fast forward a year down the line to today, I'm finally starting to feel normal again. I've lost a few pounds and back in the healthy range for BMI's, but I'm a long way off being happy with how I look. It's been hard mentally dealing with it; the image of myself in my head is how I was, so looking in the mirror it's not me that I see. It's a version of myself with a fuller face, bigger belly, bigger thighs and legs and bigger arms. This last month is when I've felt the most difference, not physically but mentally - I feel like me. I'm laughing more, smiling more and most importantly I feel motivated and happier. Motivated to make changes!

Onto how I'm going to actually do it! Through browsing the fitness hashtags on instagram I came across an australian fitness instructor called Kayla Itsines, she has the most amazing figure! *Girl crush!* She's slim and toned, the exercises she is capable of doing show just exactly how strong she is. She's shared her knowledge with the world in the form of her Bikini Body Guide, which claims to help you transform your body in 12 weeks. The workout consists of 2-3 weekly circuit workouts that are all under 30 minutes, which you then mix up with some LISS(Low Intensity Steady State), HIIT(high intensity interval training) and stretch workouts. If you search through the hashtags #bbg, #kaylaitsines and #bikinibodyguide on Instagram you'll see the guide has its own little community and everyone helps each other, PLUS it's full of peoples progress pictures! The thing that made me decide to go for it! Along with following the bikini body guide I'm also going to try and make my diet even healthier! I don't eat badly anyway and always snack on healthier things, love my fruit! Kayla has a nutrition guide that I'm going to take tips from. I'm also going to add some weight work and swim time at the gym as and when I can. Hopefully I'll have a bikini ready body for the time I go on holiday later this year! (when I actually get round to booking one that is!)

My Fitness Goals

  • To feel happy about my body
  • To get enough sleep!
  • Work out 2-3 times a week
  • To drink more water
  • Try new foods, especially vegetables
  • Learn to cook a healthy meal from scratch
  • Fit into my size 12 jeans again! Comfortably, no squeezing in!
  • Feel proud of my body and wear a bikini
  • And finally to be happy in general :)

You can follow my fitness journey on Instagram @justjellyjenny, I'll be putting my progress pictures on there along with fitness pics and random beauty/lifestyle shots. Also I'm going to be using the #healthyselves created by the lovely Beth from BeautyInBeta, whose post actually inspired me to write this and share my fitness journey with the blog world.

Wish me luck!


  1. Wishing you luck! I tried many times to lose weight but it didn't start to work until I tried losing weight for myself and to be happier :) After I started doing that, it all seemed to be a little easier.
    I'll be following your progress and giving my support as much as I can!
    Good Luck!

    1. Thank you :). I think I'll be more successful now my goals are not just physical, I know it'll take a while but I'm taking weekly photos so I can see results

  2. Good luck Jenny! I know how it feels to feel uncomfortable in your own body - although I never had problems like you did with hormones, that's so unlucky and I hope you feel much better about yourself soon. I cant wait to see your progress! xx

    1. Name twin :P. I can't wait for some progress to happen, I know it'll have such a huge impact on how I feel about myself :)

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