Love me beauty July

Love me beauty JulySo after three months of trying out love me beauty my final box finally fell through my letter box (actually missed the delivery and had to go all the way to the collection office, but you know)! One bad thing about LBM (love me beauty) is how long it takes to reach you from selecting your box! For a time frame I selected my box on the 5th July and it got to me on the 18th, so that's a whole two weeks!

Anyways, for this month I chose option 3, purely swayed by the colour of eyeshadow! So this is what I received:

Lashem Lash enhancing serum

You apply this to your roots of either your eyelashes or your brows once a day and within 2 weeks your lashes could look longer. I think I may test this one on my brows, bit worried about putting chemicals right near my eyes, plus my eyelashes are quite long anyway. It doesn't have a chemical small and applies clear. Full size version of this product would be £40!

Lashem Lash enhancing serum

OFRA Pressed eyeshadow in Gold Rush + OFRA eyeliner in black

This months featured two products from OFRA, I've not heard of this brand before so was keen to try it out. The eyeshadow I chose was gold rush which is a lovely bronze gold shade, perfect for blue eyed people like myself! It will really make the blue pop. The shade is part of their "diamonds are forever" collection, as the name suggests it has a pretty shimmer running through it. Pigmentation-wise I was really impressed! The swatch below shows just how much colour payoff it has. In the write up it says to apply with either a dry or wet brush, so I'm guessing with a wet brush this would look even more impressive!

The eyeliner is your standard black liner, it claims to be waterproof so I'll test his out on my tight line and see how it holds up! Both products were full size and retail at £8.80 and £7.60.

OFRA Pressed eyeshadow in Gold Rush + OFRA eyeliner in black

OFRA Pressed eyeshadow in Gold Rush + OFRA eyeliner in black swatch

So Susan Flutter Mascara + So Susan Dual Brow Powder

I neglect my brows far too often, I leave them to their wild and natural ways, with some odd tweezer action here and there. If I do attempt to fill them in I use a pencil so using a powder will be a nice change. You get two shades, one dark brown and one mid brown. I'll definitely be the darker one as my brows border on black! This retails at £11.95

So Susan Flutter Mascara + So Susan Dual Brow Powder

So Susan Flutter Mascara

The second So Susan product I received was their flutter mascara. It retails at £14.95 so on the higher price scale of drugstore mascaras. It claims to create the curviest,  darkest lashes possible. Not something I've been able to test out, you'll see why in a minute. All I can say is that to me it smells like apples, which is a nice change from the potent smell some mascaras have. The brush head is quite small and has fibre bristles.

So I took the photo above, put the wand back in the tube and then heard a POP noise. When I pulled the wand back out it looked like this:

I can only assume somehow the little brush scraping valve broke, so now I have one broken mascara! Not very good for a £15 mascara really!

The teashed skinny tea

The final product on menu 3 was some tea bags, I'm a bit disappointed they came out of their packaging. It looked online that they're meant to come in a little mini starbucks take away kind of cup, but I received mine in a clear bag. I received Skinny tea, which is a green tea thats known for boost metabolism. I've never tired green tea before, hopefully I'll like them as I've got 20 bags to get through!

EXTRA Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion

I didn't know this but apparently the first 450 subscribers to pick their box got an extra item by weleda! I must have been quick! It's a full size product, which is great as you can never have too many body lotions.  It smells lovely and fresh with a citrus-y lemon scent. It normally costs £15.95 so really impressed to have this to try out!

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion

EXTRA Quintessentially english No8 Bottled sunshine bath salts

I also received another extra, not sure why on this one though! Not complaining. It's some bath salts from Quintessentially english, they smell citrusy too. So they'll be good for baths on the weekends when I'm feeling sleepy in the mornings.

Quintessentially english No8 Bottled sunshine bath salts

Overall I think I've been quite impressed with the Love me beauty boxes, but sadly I think I'll have to give them up. I'm trying to cut down my spending and as an existing beauty box subscriber I can't justify regularly receiving more than one box a month. I think so far this box has been my favourite out of all three.  Previous box posts can be found here (May and June). 

The boxes cost £10 a month plus postage + packaging, vist love me beauty for more info

Which option did you chose this month?

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  1. My mascara did exactly the same! Obviously a fault with them! I was so scared it was going to drip off and I had light blue trousers on eeeeek!

    Great review - I chose box two and I'm so pleased with it. This is by far the best month for me :) x

    1. Must be a dodgy batch! I've got a replacement coming so hopefully that one wont do the same thing!

  2. £10 a month is pretty good for all that! Its a shame about the mascara but the eyeshadow looked really pretty :) I've been thinking about trying out one of these boxes so I might give it a go x

    1. Love me beauty are sending out a replacement, so excellent customer service. I love beauty boxes, little monthly presents to myself :)

  3. My mascara did the same thing as well.. I wrote to LOVEmeBEAUTY so I am just waiting to hear for their reply.
    'Very Jenny' I have a small question for you... Just hope it makes sense to you in what I am trying to ask :P
    So I just recently got my first LOVEmeBEAUTY box in the mail today which I was really pleased with, but at the same time a bit confused. After seeing the amount of products you got in your box, I am baffled in why I got a small amount of things in my box. I have now seen your box, and I have seen others in Instagram and YouTube that they have up to 6 or 8 products in their box and I only got 4. Which got me confused. So my question is, do you select the products you want with the points that is given to you, or do you choose to get a surprise box sent to you every month???
    I hope you can help me out.. :)

    1. Hi Diana

      I think LoveMeBeauty now does their boxes slightly different. (I'm no longer subscribed so not sure) but when I was I got to pick between three different boxes. I could see what I'd get before I received it and I picked the one I wanted to receive. I think now you select individual products to make up your box so this may be the reason why you don't get as many products anymore.

      Sorry I couldn't be more help.