Models Own Hypergel Polishes

Models own hyper gel naked glow
L-R Naked Glow, Pink Veneer, Lilac Sheen, Red Lustre

Who loves gel nails? I love gel nails! Ok more a love/hate relationship really. I love how shiny they look and how long the last but I hate the removal side, whenever I remove gel nails my nails feel weak and a bit damaged. (Not sure if I just suck at removing them though!) Plus they get pricey. All the brands now seem to be launching their own gel-style nails, which look like gel nails but can be easily removed and have a wider colour selection, plus they're cheaper! To which I bring you model owns offering! HyperGel nail polish...

I picked up some of Models Owns gel like nail polish, aptly called HyperGel nail polish, when they were running an offer on their website a few weeks ago. The shades I picked up were naked glow - which is beige nude, Pink Veneer - a baby pink colour, Lilac sheen - a light lavender purple shade and Red lustre - a deep bright red colour.

In the HyperGel range there are 15 different super glossy shades and one clear top coat. I don't have the top coat but I love the idea that you can make any normal nail varnish look like gel nails! The top coat is slightly more expensive at £8 (compared to £5 of normal shades) but it's such a clever idea, think I may be purchasing this very soon!

The nail varnish is easy to apply and and is quite forgiving application wide. The colours come out exactly as they appear on the lids and they're very pigmented. The brush is easy to use, although I would prefer if it was a wider one stroke one, but then again I'm just lazy and not a pro at applying nail varnish.

Once dry, they leave a high shine finish with the "puffy" look and feel of gel nails. I find that with a good base coat and top coat, these last 3-4 days chip free. Which in my books is quite good, as I am forever chipping my nails!

Models own hypergel pink veneer
L-R Naked Glow, Pink Veneer, Lilac Sheen, Red Lustre

Models own hypergel lilac sheen
L-R Naked Glow, Pink Veneer, Lilac Sheen, Red Lustre

Models own hypergel red lustre
L-R Naked Glow, Pink Veneer, Lilac Sheen, Red Lustre

You can pick these up for £5 each in Boots and also on the Models Own website

Have you tried these yet? What's your favourite shade? I'm love the pink veneer and lilac sheen!

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  1. I love the Pink Veneer colour, it's so pretty! My nails always chip too so I might have to investigate these! xx