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Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Week 4 review

I can't believe how quickly the first 4 weeks of the workout guide have gone! I'm so impressed that I've managed to actually keep up with it, I've not missed a single workout or cardio session of the bikini body guide so far! *High Five!*

My diet is healthier, although I do still have occasional treats, but as Kayla says in her guide - cheat meals are okay and I think they're good for your mental well being to be honest. Because lets face it every girl needs chocolate sometimes! I've cut down my snacking at work, not that I'd snack on anything other than fruit or cereal bars normally, but I now only have 2 fruit snacks - one mid morning and one mid afternoon (only if I'm hungry). I find this is enough to keep my hunger at bay until my main meals. Everyday I drink 2 litres of water, I know it sounds a lot but if you have a big bottle on your desk all day and remind yourself to swig some every so often you'll drink lots too. Water is incredibly important for you're body especially with the increase in exercise that this workout adds to your lifestyle. Little changes really do make a difference, especially when teamed with this workout.

Onto the week 4 summary:

Monday -  Cardio and Legs

I found this workout so much easier this time around but still managed to work up a good sweat and felt knackered afterwards. 452 calories burnt according to my heart rate monitor!

Tuesday - LISS

I've stopped aching the day after working out, think it means my body can handle it more as I still put in just as much effort, maybe even more. Tuesday is another LISS day for me, 365 calories burnt on a nice evening walk.

Wednesday - Arms and Abs

I felt absolutely drained on Wednesday, no idea why but I severally lacked energy. I completed both circuits twice of Arms and Abs but I felt like I'd let myself down as my normal effort and energy was no where to be seen. I tried as hard as I could considering. Still managed to burn 275 calories though.

Thursday - LISS

Another LISS day, we did our normal walk plus added an extra bit, added up to nearly 3 miles! 465 calories gone and I got stung by stingy nettles due to my overzealous arm swinging! Damn my long arms!

Friday - Rest day

Rest day, woo! Nice chilled evening with the boyfriend playing mario on the Wii U.

Saturday - Full body workout

Saturday morning I completed the full body workout, which last time I did this on week 2 took me an hour to do all the circuits fully! This time round I did it in 40 minutes! 448 calories burnt and a cookie dough quest bar as a reward/protein hit!

Sunday - LISS + Extra Ab workout

To jazz up my LISS and to put in some extra effort I went on a woods walk for my workout. A route that in the past has left me worn out, red faced and gasping for air. It's very hilly to say the least! Anyways, I found it so much easier this time and we ended up walking on an even longer route than we had before and I ended up burning 525 calories, felt very pleased with myself afterwards!

To make up for Wednesday's shameful effort or Arms and Abs I added an extra workout in on sunday afternoon. It's one of Kayla's free 14 minute workouts that I found on her pinterest. It's called 'how to get really flat abs' and let me tell you its a toughy! So satisfying to feel your abs burning though! Two sets of 7 minutes for this one and you're done!

Week 4 progress pictures

Eeek onto the dreaded progress pictures. Please no nasty comments, I know my body isn't perfect and I'm a long way of my goal but you have to start somewhere!

Here are my progress shots from before I began week 1 to the end of week4. They've all been taking in the same place, in the same clothes (minus week 3's spotty pants HA!) at around the same time in the same pose. Hopefully you can see a change, because I can!

My legs are changing the most, my calves are more shapely and a gap is forming between my thighs where they're toning up. My belly is flatter and it looks longer where its slimming. In the side view you can really see how much flatter my belly is, my bum is more perky :P and my back thigh is slimming. I'm so impressed with the visual changes in only 4 weeks.

Measurement changes

I've lost 5lbs, which considering how much muscle I have actually been gaining is impressive. I wasn't expecting to see much change on the scales.

- 1/2 inch from chest
-2 1/2 inches from waist
-1 inch from bum/hips

If you're interesting in using Kayla's Bikini Body Guide, it's available to buy from her website and make sure to use the #bbg and #kayla_itsines hashtags on instagram as there is such a huge family on there. So amazing for support and motivation.

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Week 4 review
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  1. You are doing so well on the plan and you should be so proud of yourself Jenny! You also look amazing too! Your progress totally inspires me! xx