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Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide review

I can't believe I've completed week 10! Only 2 more weeks left! eeeeek! My results are starting slow down and it's a bit de-motivating. I've been carrying on nether the less, you've gotta keep going to see results and maybe my body will catch up in a week or two! The bikini body guide still continues to kick my arse, even after 10 weeks. It does not get easier!

Monday LISS

A 46 minute cross trainer workout for my LISS cardio, I was determined to get over the 500 calorie mark and managed in 46 minutes to burn 501 calories. I seem to burn more on the elliptical than I do with just walking, so I'm not sure if I go to fast.

Tuesday Legs

Leg session today, I swear every workout has burpees in now! I hate burpees with a passion! Burned 394 calories.

Wednesday HIIT

I made up a HIIT workout tonight, I was round the boyfriends house so couldn't run on anything so I did 30 seconds on 30 seconds off of cardio exercises. Not sure of the calories burnt and don't think I'll use this method again as I didn't find it too challenging.

Thursday HIIT

Another HIIT session, this time 30 seconds of fast cross trainer-ing and the 30 seconds of slow, this was so far! My legs were like jelly by the end! I was aiming for 15 minutes but could only manage 13 and burned 174 calories doing so. My maximum heart rate was 187 and average was 173 so it definitely worked my heart.

Friday rest day

Friday was meant to be a workout but I ended up having a night in and an early night.

Saturday Arms  + LISS (sort of)

Had lots to sort on Saturday so did a morning arm workout burning 371 calories, then rushed off for a hair cut and then off to my friends hen do. That's where my unconventional LISS workout comes in, 3 hours of dancing hehe! Should count! Plus the next day my back was really aching from wiggling.

Sunday Abs + LISS

Ab day! I love ab day! 204 calories burnt but my abs were really feeling it. Did an afternoon LISS workout burning 314 calories in a 35 minute walk.

Kayla recommends in weeks 9-12
Resistance workouts: 3-4
LISS: 2-3

So I ended up down a resistance workout but managed to fit the max of everything else in, so that's okay with me.

Progress Pictures

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide review

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide review

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  1. You can totally see the difference! I started last week and I believe I am the same statue as you, I hope my progress will be as great :)