Latest in Beauty - British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit

Latest in Beauty - British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit
Latest in Beauty - British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit Latest in Beauty - British Beauty Blogger Clinique EditLatest in Beauty - British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit Latest in Beauty - British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit Latest in Beauty - British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit Latest in Beauty - British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit Latest in Beauty - British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit
Price £18.50 plus free shipping
Number of products - 7 plus £10 voucher

I used to love beauty boxes, at one point I was subscribed to both Glossybox and Birchbox, but unfortunately that love affair had to end. The same products and brands were repeatedly being sent out, sample quality and size was decreasing. It had lost it’s charm and no longer introduced me to new products worth buying and ultimately I was wasting my money. Mini rant over! One Beauty Box still holds a place in my heart though; the Latest in beauty boxes. I love them! I love the fact I know exactly what I’m getting for my money and I can decide if it’s worth it or not. I can check whether they’re things I’d use, plus there’s no monthly subscription so if I don't like the next box I don't have to order it.

Having missed out on all the previous British Beauty Blogger boxes when I saw on Facebook the Clinque box one was up, I had to snab it before they sold out! Lucky I did as these sold out ridiculously fast! To be honest, I'm not surprised - it's a great box. Clinque is one of my favourite “luxury/high end” skin care brands and beauty-wise the only thing I really splurge out on. Recently I've realised how important it is to look after my skin while I'm still young, especially with moisturisers and gentle cleansing. I actually use Clinique's 3 step skin care system for combination/oily skin and my skin looks so much better for it.

For £18.50 you get a box worth over £72! The LIB collection boxes are such good value for money. The box even includes two full size products; the chubby stick and mascara alone total £34.50! That’s not even including the £10 off voucher!

1 x High Impact Mascara (Full size - worth £17.50)

Gotta love a full size mascara to try out. I'd never tried this before so was excited to see how it would perform. This mascara adds both length and volume to my lashes, without looking cake or coated. I can't comment on the curl, as my lashes are naturally quite curved.

1 x Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm (Full size - worth £17)

My first full size chubby stick! I think I missed the chubby stick hype when they originally came out, but I can see why these are such a hit. It's creamy, moisturising and very easy to apply. The shade I received is 17 plumped up pink, which is a lovely pink shade, a perfect everyday colour and I imagine would be wearable on most skin tones. The balms moisturising forumula is infused with Shea Butter, Mango Seed Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil and even after a days wear (few touch ups needed) my lips still felt moisturised and very soft.

1 x Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips (Travel size 30ml worth £4.08)

A nice make up remover, dissolves eye make up with ease so no rubbing to remove that last bit of mascara. It leaves you skin feeling cleansed without the tight feeling you get with some cleansers but at £17 for a make up remover I don’t think I could justify the price if I were to buy the full size of this.

1 x Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ (Travel size 15ml worth £5)

I love the original dramatically different moisturising lotion, it’s my go to moisturiser. If I’m totally honest I couldn’t tell the difference between it and the “+” version, apparently it’s more moisturising. They’re both good, so who knows! This is literally like a drink for your skin, it’s so easily absorbed and leaves your skin feeling soft and non greasy. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a new moisturiser, it comes in two different consistencies - gel for more oily skins and lotion for normal to drier skin.

1 x Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (Travel size 15ml worth £5)

The moisture surge extended thirst relief is a new one to me, it has a light weight formula and apparently hydrates your skin for a full 24 hours. Which if it lives up to the claims is quite impressive. It’s plumping qualities help to minimise fine lines and helps to make your skin look healthier and more moisturised.

1 x Liquid Facial Soap Mild (Travel size 30ml worth £2.40)

I know a lot of people avoid using soap to cleanse their face as it’s known to be drying, but not the Clinque Liquid Facial Soap. It’s part of my 3 step cleaning routine and it’s easy to lather and leaves your face feeling very clean, not dry and tight like a lot of soaps do.

1 x Happy Perfume Spray (Travel size 4ml worth £2.16)

I’m very fussy with perfume so I’m not sure if I’d use this a lot. It’s a light floral scent, very spring appropriate, but I’m a bit more of a fresh and fruity scent girl - nevertheless it’s a very wearable daytime scent that lingers well on the skin.

1 x Your £10 voucher

I'm so glad they included a voucher! You have to spend at least £40 to get the £10 off. Super excited as it gives me an excuse to buy the eye moisturiser I've been eying up and one of their new Clinique Pop lipsticks may fall into my basket (melon pop or sweet pop I'm thinking)! Whoops.

Overall I’m very impressed with this box, I think I can honestly say I will enjoy using everything in it. If I had to pick a favourite item though, it would have to be the chubby stick - I love the colour and I know I’ll be using it a lot in the coming months.

The only negative I have, which is no fault with latest in beauty, is with the delivery. This is the second box I’ve received that Yodel have damaged, the first box was thrown over a 6ft fence and left in the sun all day, this box was forced under a fence (as apparently this is a safe place in open view to the road! ) and just left half wedged under it! They never even attempted to deliver it as I was in all day, even the “we tried to deliver” card wasn’t filled out so I only found the box when I went searching for it. Shame on you Yodel, shame on you.

Latest in Beauty - British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit

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