Workout clothes on a budget

Workout clothes on a budget
Since starting Kayla's guide a few months ago, my workout wardrobe has gradually been expanding and it's got to the stage where I have a dedicated workout drawer. When I first started I had to go out and buy a lot of stuff as I didn't own anything sporty at all! So i figured I'd put together a workout clothes on a budget guide for the fitness newbies/teens/students/anyone on a budget doing the bikini body guide. Of course this isn't just for people doing BBG but I've picked the clothes based around the type of exercises seen in the guide, but these would fit most workouts.

If you're just starting out on your fitness/weight loss journey it can be quite daunting buying workout gear, especially if you're not sure what you even need. I've trawled the internet and have out together a full workout wardrobe (including trainers) for under £60. I know £60 still sounds like quite a lot, but that's if you bought all six items, plus you don't want to go too cheap on sports bras and trainers because those feet and boobies need support for all the burpees you'll be doing. Plus I've made sure the pieces all go well together to you can mix and match so technically you're getting 5/6 cute workout outfits. Think of it as your workout capsule wardrobe.

What you'll need


These are the most important item. Wearing poor fitting or unsuitable trainers can result in injury, and not just to your feet. How you land when jumping can impact both your ankles and knees, so adequate cushioning is vital. You need a pair that fit your feet well (so no sliding about when laced) and also give you arch support/cushioning where you need it. You'll need these for both the resistance workouts and LISS, so they'll get plenty of use. The pair I picked are from Asda and only cost £12! They're a fun bright orange colour with well padded sole and would make a great workout trainer on a budget. Although I would say if you're going to spend a little bit more on anything in your workout wardrobe, make it your trainers. A good pair will last you a long time and will be worth it to avoid injury. These are one of the cheaper but still okay kinda trainers I could find.

Sports Bra

Second most important is a sports bra. The last thing you want to feel when doing burpees are your  boobs trying to escape/jiggling! After a 30 minute workout they'll be sore and you'll feel like someones being punching your boobs for the last half hour. Been there...done that. H&M have a really cute sports range with a wide selection of sports bra, that's where I found the one I've picked for the guide. I chose a medium support one, that for £9.99 offers great support and comes in cute colours.

Workout clothes on a budget Workout clothes on a budget

Shorts & Leggings

These are a bit more down to personal preference. I always do Kayla's BBG in shorts as I know I'm going to sweat bucket loads and I'd rather have something slightly bagger so I don't feel too clammy. These cute mint shorts are from H&M and are only £7.99, they come in loads of different colours too. The second bottoms I've picked are these sports leggings from, I must admit I was swayed by the slogan along the side. But lets be honest, they would definitely help to make you feel motivated and at £12 they are so much cheaper than buying a Nike pair!

cute workout shorts Cheap Workout clothes on a budget Fitness leggings Cheap Workout clothes on a budget


Tops were the easiest thing to find inexpensively, I was spoilt for choice. When I came across the "no pain no gain" vest from Newlook, I knew it was a winner! It's only £7.99 and I know that putting it on before starting a workout would give me a little extra boost to really push myself. I like that it's a vest top, so your arms wouldn't feel restricted on arm workouts.

The second top I've picked is from Asda and at £4 is such a good deal. It's made from the material that helps to wick sweat away from your body, so helps you to stay cooler when working out. 

Cheap Workout clothes on a budget Cheap Workout clothes on a budget

The outfits

I love how all these items can coordinate with each other to produce multiple cute outfits!

Workout clothes on a budget

Workout clothes on a budget

Workout clothes on a budget

Workout clothes on a budget

Workout clothes on a budget

I've been so impressed with whats available on the high street for fitness gear. I love H&M's range, they have great prints and compression shorts that rival Nike Pros. Plus I like that they have a plus range for their sports clothes that goes up to a size 3XL, so no one gets left out. Forever 21 is another one to look at and also also do really cute stuff! Plus don't forget to check out the supermarkets; Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury now all have their own sportswear brands and they're very reasonably priced.

I hope you liked my workout clothes on a budget, let me know if you've found any bargains recently!

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